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Getting new models for is definitely my favourite job...

My most common source of hot young models is fans of who email me. I also have a handful of speedo enthusiast from all over the world (Sydney, New York, San Francisco and London) who love taking photos of hot guys in their speedos and they sell or donate pictures and movies.

If you are interested in being a model or if you enjoy taking photos of models please drop me a line at

OK - time to meet some of the hot models on SwimmerBoyz

Bill wearing green speedos.

Meet Bill,

Bill is a guy that I met in transit in Auckland. I spent 2 nights at a backpackers in the city and Bill was one of my room mates.

He caught sight of my speedos and couldn't wait to show me his. This photo shoot was taken in the communal showers very late one night after a few drinks.

Bill is very hot and he claims to be str8 - but I think there is another side to that story....

Links -
Bill's Photo Shoot (30 photos)

Meet Tom.

A good friend of mine Craig took these pics of Tom (his latest boyfriend).

Both guys are living in London and despite the renouned crappy weather speedos are still very appropriate for 'indoor fun'.

This shoots starts with Tom's speedos on and end up with his cum all over his stomach and chest.

Links - Photo Shoot (76 photos)

Model Daniel

Model Brad

Meet Brad,

I med Brad in Canada after we had spoken online for ages. Brad came over for a couple of days riding and I did get to see those red speedos close up.

This shoot was taken 6 months ago by Brad's ex-boyfriend and I can no vouch for how hot and masculine this guy is.

Links -
Photo Shoot (20 Photos)
Read about my 2 days with Brad.

Meet Daniel.

I got this foto shoot from a photographer that I've known for nearly 3 years now.

He took this shoot of Daniel just 2 weeks ago and knew that it would be perfect for

Daniel wears a pair of black speedos as well as a pair of red speedos.

Links -
Photo Shoot (22 photos)

Meet Stuart from Melbourne,

Stuart contacted me a couple of months back asking if he could do a shoot. He sent me through some pics of him which are here.

He has gotten cold feet but I'll keep trying as he is gorgous!!! He is 19yo from Melbourne and he tells me the fotos were taken at a university water polo match.

Links -
Photo Shoot (20 Photos)

Meet Kieran and Adrian.

Kieran and Adrian are a pair of guys who are in their first year of college in Texas, USA.

As you can see - these two 19yo guys are very very into each other and their photo shoot is one of the hottest that I've ever had here.

Click here to see the
photo shoot..

Meet Danny,

Danny is an old friend of mine from primary school. I had seen him like twice in the last 8 years and then I ran into him at a speedo party at a gay bar in Brisbane.

We hooked up and Danny was keen as to let me photograph him.

It was a little impromptue so no speedos but next time defintely.

Members can see the full gallery and there is a movie of Danny getting off on his own in the shower. Click here to join.

Meet Lance.

Lance was photographed by a fan in Santa Monica CA. Lance has just finished school (I have proof of age for all models) and he turned 18 3 weeks ago.

His orange speedos look a bit old so I have posted over some new AussieBum's and hopefully Lance will show some more of his stuff for us.

Click here to join and see Lance after those organse speedos have been removed.

Meet Jason and Mike,

These are two big muscle guys and they fill out their speedos very well.

Mike has a pair of blue speedos and I have a pair exactly the same and I can't help but think of these guys when ever I put them on.

See the full photo set (50 pics) and watch some movies of muscle men in their speedos - become a member.