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Erotic Speedo Sex Stories
I spent much of my youth (not that long ago) reading a lot of erotic stories and here are a few of my favourites - I have also written a couple myself. This area of the site doesn't get updated as much as the movies and photos but I do get members submitting stories so keep an eye on this area.

Watching Jazza and Ryan Fuck Infront of Me
This is the first time I've ever sat in a room with 2 guys who are going at it knowing full well that I wasn't allowed to join in. Jazza and Ryan are 2 local guys in a monogamous relationship but they love putting on a show and I made a mess of my new AussieBum's after watching these guys.
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Fiji Fuck
The 2nd installedment of what I've been getting up to on my first ever 'escort gig' in Fiji with 38yo Patrick. Great fun, great place and great speedo sex. This afternoon I tied up Patrick and after getting him nice and horny I left him to squirm... don't worry I relieved him later on.
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Gay Threesome with Will
I met Brad online and he sounded like a nice guy. When he came to town for one night not only did Brad and I have fun but we added Will into the mix. I also have a collection of photos of Brad wearing (and not wearing) his red speedos.
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Foreign Students Speedos
This is a story that was sent in by one of the members - I think it is hot!!!
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Bisexual Threesome With Will
I have been promising Will that I'd try and get this girl I know, Julie, to have a threesome with us two guys. After a couple of failed attempts it happened - and it was hot. Will loves speedos and that was all the two of us wore the entire night.
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Morning Cum Bath with Will
Will and I are now having several sexual escapades a week but with a friend of mine staying over we had to chill it for a week. This is a story of what happened when Will came home. And cum he did.
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Corrupting my 19yo Roommate
After 2 months of sleeping with (in the same room sense only) 19yo Aussie Cutie Will I finally got him down to his speedos in the hot tub.
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New Years Threesome
I brought in 2006 with a bang... a threesome bang with Julie and Matt. Still in Canada and in a hot tub as usual - man I love having sex in hot tubs.
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My mate Dean
This is another one of my own stories guys. Not yet finished but very hot. Got this guy Dean staying with me - he is totally straight and being as horny as I am I end up getting him into the hottub (wearing my AussieBum Broncos) and we end up sucking each other off. Story not yet finished but will be in the next couple of days.
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Pool Side Speedo Threesome
When 2 young studs discover a trespasser in their pool they decide to enjoy the hot young guy... over and over again.
This story is one that I wrote myself a couple of years ago - unfortunately it isn't based on a true story but if anyone can help me out with it... let me know.
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Speedo Waiter
This story is one of my major fantasies. It is written in first person and Martin is a guy that I went to school with and had many masturbation sessions thinking about what I'd do to him. And even today when I fantasise about Martin it is in his black school speedos which I saw him in frequently.
I wrote this story about 6 months ago and it is incomplete. It is about how I reply to an add asking for a waiter at an exclusive party who must server only wearing a pair of speedos (ow that would be hot - either as the waiter or as the guest). Anyways - I'll stop talking so you can read the story.
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Speedo Divers
This story is about a guy in a dive group who gets an amazing hardon (and cums) watching the other guys in his diving squad. I never dived at school but from the photos that are part of the photo gallery... there aren't too many ugly guys that do dive. One of my favourite stories.
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Cornered by the swim champ
When I was at school the guys who were the swim champs were always super hot!!! This story is about getting cornered by the swim champ in the locker room. I won't spoil it by telling you any more but I think you can tell where this story is going...
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