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My name is Dave Evans and I run and own (100%)

I'm a 23yo guy from the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

I love speedos and since puberty I have found a connection between speedos and sex. I now own 6 pairs of speedos (including the size 14 black pair of aussiebums you see me wearing on the right).

As I grew up I had a chance to wear speedos in public as a 'nipper' (junior life guard) and during school swimming classes where speedos were compulsory. When I moved out of home to live with some uni mates I began to wear speedos more and more.

Now you can't get me out of my speedos.

Back in 2001 I was doing work experience for a web design company on the coast and I was constantly looking for websites which had pics of hot young guys in their speedos. With limited success I would find sites with 10 pics here and then find a site with maybe even 100 sites. However, these sites had some good pics and some average pics.

So I decided to use my web design skills to make a website dedicated to guys in speedos and to make the site everything that I would want.

On March 20th, 2001 the website was launched. The site had 1500 photos which were fully searchable (just as the pics are now). So that if you wanted to see guys in white speedos - you could just see those pics.

When launched I hosted the site on my employers ISP (without their knowledge). Back then membership to was free as I had no real costs and finally there existed a website where you could see over 1,000 speedo pics which were searchable.

In November 2001, I began adding movies to with amazing success. The feedback from adding the movies section was overwhelming and had truly established itself as the home of speedos online.

With all the extra downloads it wasn't long before my boss caught wind of what I was doing and in February 2002 I had to move to a commercial ISP. For 3 months I paid for this service but with the ever increasing movies gallery, the subsequent increasing ISP bills ended up forcing me to charge for membership in June 2002.

This was a great shame that I had to charge for membership. But, with the movies gallery at over 10 hours I felt it more important to keep the movies at the cost of having to charge for membership.

For the next 12 months I spent my time working on getting new models to shoot and getting more and more movies. The income from membership and ISP costs both increased in tandem.

Then in July 2003 I was informed of a breach of copyright from the Speedo Corporation for the domain I posted my troubles with this matter on the site and had an amazing response from fellow speedo lovers across the world and I prepared my defense.

Unfortunately, the sheer money that the Speedo Corporation was throwing at the case forced me to concede defeat.

But, on August 25th, 2003 was relaunched as

Since August 2003 I have continued to build the photo gallery (which stands at 6,500 photos - all categorised so they are searchable) and the movies gallery (which now has over 26 hours of movies available for download).

I continue to source hot models from the Eastern Australian coast and enjoy the photo shoots just as much as you guys enjoy checking out the pics.

I've finished my final year of university and I'm now doing a little bit of travelling

I love being able to work on the site from anywhere in the world and I have met some members in person which has been wonderful.

I'd like to say that has made me a millionaire but that isn't the case. I love speedos and I love sharing them with others. And most importantly, I love meeting members and sharing stories of being in our speedos.

I do hope you join If you decide to join the site, know full well that your membership contribution is going towards the site and not some corporate bottom line.

Dave Evans

You can read my weblog @


Yes this is me and there is some video footage of me in my speedos available for members to watch.