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My Speedo Fetish

I have no idea where my passion for speedos comes from. 

  • Growing up on the coast I always wore speedos as a kid and it was no big deal. 
  • As a teenage I was a 'nipper' (junior lifeguard) and wore speedos at the beach all the time.
  • Through university (college) I did some triathlons and wore speedos while swim training.

Those are the reasons why speedos shouldn't be such a big deal to me but......

  • My very first sexual experience (was with another guy) we were both wearing speedos.
  • The hottest sexual experience of my life to date, the MMF threesome in a steamroom, involved both us guys wearing speedos.
  • There are about 50 pairs of speedos in my underwear draw.

If you love speedos too then you are going to love this site.

Speedo, Hardcore & Bisexual Movies
Gay Movie Downloads

The movies archive is my favourite area of this site. It is something I try and update as often as possible.

Right now the movies archive comprises of....

  • 339 Movies
  • 85hrs and 23mins playing time
  • 23,711 meg

I've split the archive into three categories - please follow the links below for the movie lists. 

Speedo MoviesHardcore Gay MoviesBisexual Movies

Members News

  • Tylers First Gay Experience
    Tyler has been a fan of my blog for years and when he broke up with his girlfriend recently, he thought that he should explore some of the gay fantasies that he has. Tyler had read about Alex's experiences and contacted me. What else could I do but arrange a threesome with Alex, Tyler and myself. It didn't quite go to plan but it was pretty hot. Enjoy this members only story.
  • Four New Movies
    FIrst batch of a stack of movies I've got to process over the next few weeks/months. Two of them are solo model shoots of Adam and Nick jerking off. The other two are pool scenes, one with speedos and one without. Just the beginning but over an hour of new video for you guys to enjoy.
  • Exploring Alex's Gay Side
    Alex is a guy who hangs out with my crew here in Aussie. He seems 100% str8, has a girlfriend but when we ran into each other, in speedos, at the local pool, I found out he has been a member of this site and is keen to explore some gay fantasies that he has had for a while. These experiences that I've written about in depth are for
    - Fucking Alex for the First Time
    - Alex's First Gay Experience
    - Alex's Sexual Bucket List
    - Alex's First Threesome
  • 6 New Photo Gallerys
    There are 6 new photo galleries that I have added in the last couple of months. The latest two photo shoots (Chris and Liam) are solo shoots and I might try and have them in a 'couples' shoot. There is some HD video from these two shoots which I"ll have online by the end of the week. Click here for the list of photo galleries.

That is all from my guys - feel free to drop me an email if you want to know about any updates.

Speedo Photo of the Day
Gay Photo Shoot

The Speedo Photo of the Day is taken from the members archive of photos. 

There are just under 7,000 photos available to members.

Speedo Photo of the Day

Speedo Threesome
Movie Length: 24 mins and 39 secs
Description: The final scene is this movie set is a threesome with a random scene at the beginning of some blowjobs on the beach. These twinks speedos don't stay on long but the action is hot.
Red Speedo Orgy
Movie Length: 80 mins and 46 secs
Description: This is a great speedo orgy movie. A bunch of guys, hanging out in their red speedos by the pool and one lucky guy who sucks them all off and is rewarded with a facefull of cum.

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Speedo Photo of the Day

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